Reflections Series (1980)

Exhibited at Sarnia Public Library & Art Gallery, Sarnia, ON, December 5, 1980 - January 6, 1981

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Artist's Statement

This work represents my striving - as the musician does for the pure lyrical note, as the dancer for balance and interpretive powers and as the athlete for the supreme effort that transcends discipline. It springs from a deep sense of gratitude for the gift of awareness, which more than the satisfaction of doing something I really love, is a source of daily joy.

I am fascinated by rhythm and design in nature, whether formed by the play of light and shade, the undulating layers of the land or the intricate detail of a close-up. Designing a painting is, for me, first, a patient process of simplifying modeling and abstracting what I see. Then, by working within a limited palette, I try to create the feeling for the subject, aiming for harmony and tranquility of colour
and form.

The verse accompanying some of the paintings is simply a verbal expression of my thoughts about the subject. The words come as I paint and are often scribbled hastily along the rough edges of the picture.

I present both paintings and verse humbly and with hestiation, because further goals are ahead. It is important to me that they remain there always.

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