Provence Series (1997)

Exhibited at Gallery in the Grove, May 4 - 24, 1997

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Photo in The Observer

Artist's Statement

Although I have read about and visualized this special region in the south of France, the lure of Provence did not prepare me for its reality.

Perhaps it was the intensity of light and shadow playing in the narrow streets, villages of warm stone cascading down steeply green hills, or welcoming flowers at doorways and in sunny niches - or perhaps it was the pervading prescence of Roman history, vineyards heavy with grapes, the bold primaries and distinct designs of provencal fabrics and over all, that blue green Mediterranean sky!

To try and capture these images has been a joy and a challenge during the cold Canadian winter.

It was an oppotunity for me to explore through line, shape, colour, and texture, architecture centuries old, in a land rich with old world charm.

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